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Deleting empty folders


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14 hours ago, bobmac1547 said:

How can I delete them without screwing up the catalog, breaking links, etc.

If the catalog shows 0 elements for one or more folders you can easily remove them from the catalog by using a right mouse click:

Next you will get a choice to either remove the folder, but leave it (empty) on disk, or "delete empty sub-folders from disk". However, the latter I would do only after crosschecking with Windows explorer.

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Thank you. But I should have been more explicit in my question...

I do know how to do what you suggested. However, I have many empty folders. I don't believe there's a way to delete them "in bulk" in Daminion. However, I use an Explorer alternative (XYPlorer, which I highly recommend!) that can find empty folders and delete them en masse. The issue would be messing up the Daminion catalog.

Can I delete them in Windows and then "rescan" the folder structure in Daminion to "resync?"

Sorry if I'm not being very clear...

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9 hours ago, bobmac1547 said:

I don't believe there's a way to delete them "in bulk" in Daminion.

Depends on how complicated your folder structure is. First make sure to select "Display Number of Assigned Files" in the settings of the Tags Tree:

Then you can select more than one folder to remove using the Ctrl or Shift key.

9 hours ago, bobmac1547 said:

Can I delete them in Windows and then "rescan" the folder structure in Daminion to "resync?"

Based on my own experience, this should not be any problem and "rescan" is not really needed. You would still see the folders in your catalog, possibly with a wrong Number of of Assigned Files.  If you do a rescan (right mouse click -> F6) on a higher level folder, you can select "Remove Missing Files from Catalog":

This does remove the non existing folders from the Daminion catalog, but also the pointer to any "orphan" images Daminion was falsely "believing" to be inside those folders.

If however, you deleted a folder and Daminion still has pointers to orphans, the thumbnail will show a question mark in the upper left corner (but only after refresh Ctrl-B or trying to open it in full screen:

In this case, you can either remove that image from the catalog, or if it was moved or renamed, do a right mouse click on thumbnail an Actions -> Relink Item... and navigate to the correct folder and file:

I simulated the above situation by temporarily renaming the file, but moving it to a different folder would be the same process.

As far as I know, there is no way in Daminion to find all of "Orphans" in the catalog. So, if you made a mistake, you can have several images in the catalog, which were renamed or moved outside of Daminion and Daminion cannot find them anymore.

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On 3/23/2021 at 9:06 PM, bobmac1547 said:

Thanks, deanable...

Nice little utility there...

When you say "rescan the root folder" are you referring to the root folder in Daminion? Do you right-click the folder and choose "Rescan Folders..."? And which checkboxes do you check/clear?

Thanks for your help!!!

Leave all 3 checked if you want the catalog to match the disk.

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