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  1. Thanks, Juha... Yes, I think your spreadsheet idea is a good one. It's probably what we'll do if we cannot find some dedicated software. Another option will be to create something inside of Salesforce which we already use. Thanks again!
  2. THANK YOU ALL! (Yes, I'm shouting that!) Apparently, I'm trying to get blood out of a turnip. Not that Daminion is a turnip. But I'm trying to get something out Daminion for which it was not designed nor intended. Daminion does an exquisite job in digital asset management, which, after all, is what it's designed to do. I was just attempting to do something different. I truly appreciate all your help. This is an amazing community with incredibly generous contributors. I only wish I knew more so that I could make a contribution, but, alas, I'm only an occasional user and lack the knowledge and experience to offer very much. However, when it comes to GUI design and usability, that's one place where I can chime in with some authority. Thanks again...!
  3. As someone who spent 30 years as a software user interface designer, I agree completely with the above comments. Color choices (at least in Windows) should be linked to the API by default and the user should be able to change them at will inside the application. It's not the developers' concern if the user wants to create what others might consider a garish color scheme. There's also the issue of high contrast for vision issues, but that's another topic... As for the additional space between the metatags, yes, that's a colossal waste of screen real estate! I, for one, will not be updating!!
  4. Thanks, WilfriedB... That's exactly what I needed with the exception of one small detail... When I do the export, all th e people who are assigned to a piece of software appear in the record for the software; I would expect that. (see screenshot) I'd like to be able to do a report, say, on one person, so that I can see all the software assigned, let's say, to Rebecca. While it's easy to see in the demo screenshot, the number of software packages would be large, so just looking at it visually is not a good option. A report would be better. The current number of people is relatively small (~15) but it will be growing quite a bit. But one thought I had was to create a custom tag for each person and place an "X" or "Yes" as the tag data. That might work, but it's clumsy. It would be just a bit easier if one of the field types was boolean or yes/no. BTW, what I'm looking for can be done visually within Daminion by just selecting each user in the tags panel. Then the piece of software displays in the main part of the window where images usually appear. This is probably quite confusing, but I'm hoping you have the idea. And, BTW, if anyone has any recommendations for dedicated software, hopefully free as this is a non-profit, I'm way open to ideas. I'm only attempting to do this in Daminion because I find it so flexible and powerful. Thanks all...
  5. Thanks for staying up late! Report could be txt or csv. Anything that would be useful/readable. Many thanks for your efforts! 💤 😪
  6. Thanks for the reply, Uwe... The report would be something like name of software number of licenses expiration date cost (?) who has access to the software and what is each person's role (user, admin, etc.) other things we might need, ie, ability to customize
  7. Is there a way to create text reports in Daminion? In addition to digital asset management, I'm trying to use Daminion to keep track of software licenses and usage and who has access to which applications in a company. I'm using icons for the software, putting the icons in a folder and then importing them into Daminion. Then I can assign people. I'd also like to use custom tags to assign roles (admin, super-user, user, etc.) but all of this would be useless unless I can get a report. Is this possible? Or do we have to use a dedicated program for this?
  8. Thanks, deanable... Nice little utility there... When you say "rescan the root folder" are you referring to the root folder in Daminion? Do you right-click the folder and choose "Rescan Folders..."? And which checkboxes do you check/clear? Thanks for your help!!!
  9. Thank you. But I should have been more explicit in my question... I do know how to do what you suggested. However, I have many empty folders. I don't believe there's a way to delete them "in bulk" in Daminion. However, I use an Explorer alternative (XYPlorer, which I highly recommend!) that can find empty folders and delete them en masse. The issue would be messing up the Daminion catalog. Can I delete them in Windows and then "rescan" the folder structure in Daminion to "resync?" Sorry if I'm not being very clear...
  10. Using standalone version. I have done a lot of de-duping within one catalog. The catalog was created from several folders (Win 10) Now, I have lots of empty folders. How can I delete them without screwing up the catalog, breaking links, etc.
  11. I understand that locating the Daminion catalog in the folder (and subfolders) in which the photos reside is the best way so that relative linking can prevail. What's the best way to do things if I have one catalog but the photos reside in more than one folder at the same level (not subfolders)? Thanks...
  12. Please forgive the newbie question, but I'm new to Daminion and only a tinkerer with photography... I need to find images with minimum resolutions for certain projects. From a chart that I have, it says that the optimal resolution @150 DPI would require an image with pixel dimensions of 3150x4050. Is there a way to see this easily in Daminion? Is it right there in front of me but I don't realize it? Thanks... BobMac
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