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We use Daminion Team server with 10 user (and now with unlimited guests, according to the new licence construction).

1. In Daminion server administration panel I can see the number of users currently online (under Catalog). This number means the licenced users plus the guest users currently logged in, but cannot differenciate between them. It would be great if one could see the number of the licenced users. (even better if could see the NAME of the logged in users)

2. I can select between Daminion server security and Active Directory security modes. Is there a plan to mix these two methods? I mean: besides active directory users I would like to create Daminion local users as well. With the current method if I use Active directory users only, I loose the possibility to let  unnamed guest users because the created user must exist in the AD, so in this case they are not really guests.




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Hi Miklos


Please find my answers below: 


1 - I will register it as a feature request, and if we get more requests, we will add this to our roadmap


2 - Unfortunately, this cannot be done. Please note that anonymous guests are also used when someone connects to the shared collection - in this case, their login and pw are not required. If they are connecting directly to the catalog under AD groups security scheme, the yes, they will need to enter their credentials. 

Alternatively, you can activate the login-free access on the web catalog and let the users log in as guests in the desktop catalog - in this case guests connections will be taken


Kind regards, 



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