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Daminion client slow in fullscreen/preview


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Potential customer here.

I really like your products UI and functionality and considers bying a license, BUT

The client is annoyingly slow. Browsing thumbnails seems fine, but whenever I open a photo in fullscreen mode or previews it, it takes a second to load the photo fully (it goes from blurry to clear).

This is not acceptable and no other competing product behaves like this. I want to point out though, that the web client works perfectly fine!

I have tested the following:

  • Photos stored on network hard drive
  • Photos stored on local SSD
  • Local Database on SSD
  • Server Database (postgresql) on SSD
  • Installation on other machine

It is all the same slow performance when opening photos in fullscreen/preview.

My setup (client machine and server):

  • CPU - Ryzen 9 3900x
  • GPU - 2080 super
  • 64GB ram
  • Installation on nvme SSD
  • Windows 10

Any help on this topic?

Update 1:

I did som additional tesing with smaller sized pictures (jpeg) and different zoom levels in the client. I found out that smaller jpegs load faster and that a zoomed out image loads much fast than a zoomed in image. It seems to scale linearly pretty well.

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Bumping this thread.

I will not send a video from my screen, that does not make sense. The slowness happens to every normal jpeg photo and the slowness is worse the larger the image.

This is NOT a hardware problem. Every other piece of software I test loads images instantly.

Also this issue is not new, see this thread.

I want to purchase Daminion, but if you can not fix this, I'm out.

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