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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Potential customer here. I really like your products UI and functionality and considers bying a license, BUT The client is annoyingly slow. Browsing thumbnails seems fine, but whenever I open a photo in fullscreen mode or previews it, it takes a second to load the photo fully (it goes from blurry to clear). This is not acceptable and no other competing product behaves like this. I want to point out though, that the web client works perfectly fine! I have tested the following: Photos stored on network hard drive Photos stored on local SSD Local Database on SSD Server Database (postgresql) on SSD Installation on other machine It is all the same slow performance when opening photos in fullscreen/preview. My setup (client machine and server): CPU - Ryzen 9 3900x GPU - 2080 super 64GB ram Installation on nvme SSD Windows 10 Any help on this topic? Update 1: I did som additional tesing with smaller sized pictures (jpeg) and different zoom levels in the client. I found out that smaller jpegs load faster and that a zoomed out image loads much fast than a zoomed in image. It seems to scale linearly pretty well.
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