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Build 2233 Unhandled exception Microsoft .NET Framework when using Search in Tag-Tree


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Whenever I start entering something into the filter field of the tag tree, I get an "Unhandled exception". I am using Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 (Build 19041.508).

Although I usually use the search quite often, I cannot tell for sure, it ever did work in Build 2233. I tried to restart the client, the server and also Windows without success. The problem also appears on another client PC with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Version 2004 as well as an older one with Windows 10 Home 32 bit Version 1607.


The Details are:

Problem Details Sep 13 2020.txt


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Additional information:  The problem seems to be in the catalog. Using the catalog, I created from a backup last week, works fine. Same for two other older and smaller catalogs. This confirms my suspicion, the problem is related to the Optimize, I ran last Saturday. Next step will be creating a backup (unfortunately, I did not before running optimize 😞 ) and restore it to new catalog.

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Backup, creating a new catalog and restoring the backup to it did not help 😞 .

Btw. this process (backup, create catalog, restore) is not so straight forward: To be able to perform the restore, I needed to boot windows and after restoring successfully the the Daminion server is stopped "silently" without any warning.


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40 minutes ago, Katerina Karpenko said:

The problem was fixed in the build

Thank you Katerina, this problem was solved in 2337 (I installed it before I saw your post 🙂 ).

However, another issue appeared now:

When I use tag filtering, the keywords (and possibly other tags) are ignored. 


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The issue did disappear after som eminutes
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