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Feature request - Properties - chapters


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in the Properties window you can customize the amount of infomation you want to see. The information are assigned to different chapters, e.g. "Title" belongs to the chapter "Description". But "Title" can have different meanings dependend on the selected item, e.g. the "Title" of a PDF file is different from a "Title" of an MP3/FLAC file. You can move the single descrition up an down but not out of their chapter.

I would like to have e.g. the description "Title" as part of the chapter "Description" and additionally as part of the chapter "Music". In this case "Title" are different internal and external Daminion fields.

I didn't analysed other fields. May be there are a lot of other desriptions that have different meanings dependend on their source file.


Regards, Uwe

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Title is the general tag that could be assigned to virtually any document type. A lot of media formats are mapped into Daminion's Title tag:

MP3 Title

PDF Title

Image Title



If you need to locate all the files with Title="AAAA" you need to add just one query condition:

Title="AAAA" instead of Mp3.Title="AAAA", Image.Title="AAAA", Document.Title="AAAA", etc...

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I understand that "Title" is a virtual field in the current release and the example to search.

But I would like to have special "Title" fields when it makes sense, e.g. a MP3/FLAC Title field, a PDF Title field, a common "Title" filed etc. Then you have all information e.g. about the music in the chapter "Music" and you dont need the "Description" chapter.


Regards, Uwe

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