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Display only if it has less than 2 keywords


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when you choose 'is not empty', it's supposed keyword qty is > 0)
when you choose 'is empty' it's supposed keyword qty = 0.

Adding 'Qty >' or 'Qty <=' would be nice in order to ckeck which item is well documented or which is less documented and needs some more keywords.

Having this possibility gives a better way to optimise how your items are described with keywords.


screen copy06-05-2020-20.21.04.jpg

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Hello Kalain, I can suggest you switch to Daminion server - in the latest version we have a feature named Required Metadata. You can activate it and select 2 required keywords. All files that have less keywords will be displayed in a special area. This can be a workaround for now as the change in search parameters is not planned for the nearest future for the desktop version. 


Kind regards, 




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