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csv import, not all tags assigned to files (build 2014)


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I have a csv file (generated with Daminion) with the following structure:
FilePath;Item Id;Herstellernummer
There are lines with more than one "Herstellernummer". (separated by a comma)
The csv file contains 4018 lines (4017 and head line).
The old catalog contains 4017 files with a "Herstellernummer".
After the import in the new catalog have only 280 files a "Herstellernummer".
Of the 2385 different "Herstellernummer" only 1930 were imported.

What's wrong.
An error or a feature?


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Hello Egon


Is the "Herstellnummer" a custom tag? When importing custom tags, you need to make sure it was created with exactly the same parameters as in the previous catalog. What parameter was selected in the old catalog and what in the new one? Was it Integer or Text? Because you say that some of the files had 2 or more numbers, the tag was supposed to be Text in both catalogs. 


Please let me know if this is the case





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Egon, the parameters of the tags should be exactly the same. Are you sure you selected exactly the same parameters? 



Have you imported the custom tags from the old catalog into the new one, or have you recreated the custom tags? 

If the custom tags have exactly the same parameters, the import will go well. Probably in the previous catalog the parameter "Multiple tags values" was selected, and in the new one it was not


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