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Error during csv import


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I have exported all the files in a catalog to csv and then imported them into a new empty catalog.
For all files with GPS the Altitude was imported incorrectly.
Example: original: 430 m (1410.76 ft), in the new catalog: 256 m (839.9 ft), in csv file: 430.
Tags with commas have been separated in the new catalog. How can this be prevented?



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Hi Egon 


do I correctly understand that you had a file with embedded Altitude of 430 m which was shown in the old catalog. Then you exported this file and exported Altitude to csv. Them imported the file into the new catalog and the Altitude was displayed incorrectly? 


Could you please check your csv file if there are any empty altitude fields before or after this filled-in field? Probably the altitude tags was shifted because of the spaces? 


Kind regards


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Egon, is the original file the same as the file shown on the screenshot? Daminion does not allow to Edit Altitude, so in case of the files in the old catalog, it was taken from the file's metadata. In case of this image, it is also taken from file's metadata. Are you sure the files in the 1st and 2nd catalog are identical? Can you send the original file(s)? 



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