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Activate Catalog tag with keyboard shortcut


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I like to use  keyboard shortcut to add keyword to my photos.

I know that i can activate proprieties panel with CTRD+D to add keyword

But, du you know how to activate Catalog Tagg panel with keyboard shortcut ? I would like to add new keyword in my catalog and after add this key word to my photo.

I would like to do that only with keyboard shortcut.


See an exemple with red arrow. I would to mouve to one to the other with keyboard shortcut


Thank you so much.


Annotation 2019-09-22 225218.png

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Hi Julien, there is no shortcut to activate the tags panel. 


To tag your photos, you can select multiple photos and add a new keyword in the properties panel. The keyword will be created n the database, assigned to the selected files and saved in the tags panel. 


Alternatively, you can create a keyword in the tags panel and use the Assign tags mode: https://daminion.net/docs/using-assign-tags-mode-at-the-tags-panel/



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On 9/22/2019 at 10:53 PM, julienhgr said:

I would to mouve to one to the other with keyboard shortcut

Not sure, I completely understand Julien's intention, but I would like to point out other methods to create new tags and assign existing or new tags tags to many images with a single click. Not exactly the same, as suggested by Julien, but I believe, you can reach the same result this way:

  1. Assume you have selected one more images, all already tagged with the same keyword. You can right click that keyword and select "Locate 'xxxx' in the tags tree"  (in my example, I used Categories instead of  Keywords):
  2. As a result of clicking "Locate", the Categories branch in the Tags tree will be unfolded and the appropriate tag highlighted:
  3. Now, you can select all other images, you want to add the same tag to. Then right click that tag in the Tags Tree and select "Assign 'xxxx' to selected (yy) items":

This approach is much quicker than opening the Properties Panel, if you have more than 20 items to be tagged (or a tag removed) .

If in step 2, the requested tag is not highlighted, the reason is most likely that the field <Filter Tags> on top of the tags tree its not empty. In that case, simply remove the mark in the checkbox list view and the Tags Tree will unfold immediately:

Talking about <Filter Tags>, unveils yet another method to assign tags to multiple items. As you can read in the above screen shot, you can assign the selected tag to all selected images simply by holding the Shift key and double clicking the tag (which was found as a result of entering a filter in the field above.

Here the <Filter Tags> has another nice capability:

Assume, you have hundreds of images and want to assign a certain tag to only some or many of them. After you assigned the tag, as described above, how can you be sure to tagged all you wanted? The List View allows you to exclude all items having that tag from the current query by pressing the Alt key and double clicking the tag. That way can more easily verify visually, if some images still not to be tagged.

Vice versa you might ask "Did I tag some images accidentally?". By Adding the tag to the query (Ctrl+Double Click), you see all (and only) those images which are already tagged with keyword. Again, you can easily visually  verify, if they are all appropriately tagged.

Btw. so far, I never found a good reason to use the Assign Mode.

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I forgot to describe one method, I frequently use, to create and assign a new tag in a single step:

  1. In the Tags Tree select Keywords, Categories or whatever tag you want to add and assign, right click it and select Add Tag... (or even simpler select Categories and press the Insert key)
  2. The Add Tag... dialog appears and you enter the new tag. Before you press Enter or click the Create button, also select check "Assign to selected files" (or hold the Alt key). The new Category will not only be created, but at the same time assigned to all selected items (which could be thousands, if you want to 😂 )

According to my experience, this also works, if the tag already does exist. I.e. it will not be created again, but assigned to all selected items.

The same is possibly, if you want to add a new sub-tag to a hierarchical tag. The short path is here Ctrl+Ins.



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