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write metadata to file - speed


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there are 129 photos in the catalog; 66 DNG, 51 JPG, 2 TIF. The catalog in on the local disk.

I add a new keyword "test" to all of them. Now I measured the time to write the changed metadata to the photos.

Daminion: 2 Minutes 55 seconds

Lightroom 4 (64bit): 20 seconds


Regards, Uwe

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Thanks for the test!


Lightroom updates only XMP:Subject metadata field in your case for DNG format (not sure about other formats)


Daminion maps Keywords into EXIF, IPTC and XMP. We use fast XMPToolkit to update XMP metadata in DNG files, but to updating IPTC and EXIF metadata Daminion uses ExifTool via command line that is very slow.


We think about adding an option "To update only XMP metadata" of the files.

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thank you for the answer. I don't understand the difference in the handling.

One has to read the photo from the disk. The new content of the XMP-fields (IPTC, EXIF...) is already in the library (Lightroom or Daminion). The rest is substitution and/or mapping in the memory and overwrite the file on the disc.

BTW, I don't use seperate XMP sidecar files for DNG photos. All information are in the photo file.


Regards, Uwe

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