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Can't get backup batch files to run for v6.x


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I'm trying to finish off a server migration and can't get the backup batch files to run on the new host. I downloaded the "How to backup" zip file and have some questions.

I edited "Backup Daminion Settings.bat" and backup_thumbnails.bat to reflect the path to my backup directory (C:\Users\Public\DaminionBackups\%DATETIME%), etc.

I set the username, pw and port to reflect my install in the postgresql_config.bat. However the online instructions at https://daminion.net/tutorials/how-to-backup-daminion-server say to edit the postgres connection info in something called backup_config.bat which is not included in the zip package. Is that different than the postgresql_config.bat? Looking at "Backup Daminion catalog.bat" I can see that it calls postgresql_config.bat on line 12 - I don't see any references in the "backup daminion catalog.bat" to anything called backup_config.bat.

The instructions included in the zip file at "Daminion Server Backup-Restore User Guide.txt" aren't the same as the ones online. In that text file it says to edit postgresql_config.bat and then run a file called "dump_postgresql.bat" - which is not included in the zip file either.

When I run "backup daminion catalog.bat" it just errors out and says it can't find postgresql_config.bat and dies. postrgresql_config.bat is in the same directory as "backup daminion catalog.bat" (C:\Users\svc-daminion-service\Documents\Daminion_batches)

So which process should I be using - the one online or the one included in the zip file instructions? If I'm supposed to follow the online ones I'll need a copy of backup_config.bat. If I'm supposed to follow the one in the zip file I'll need the "dump_postrgesql.bat" file.

Thanks for your help.

Bobb Menk

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library




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Thanks Uwe! I was able to adapt what you sent me and get a backup working.

I laid out the errors I found in the documentation and the zip file download in detail in hopes that someone at Daminion would be able to correct them so the confusion doesn't spread to others. Hope they do that.

Bobb Menk

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