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Errors in catalog analysis (1904)


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1. Start catalog analysis (pic1.jpg). You see 3738 files without keywords, 11763 files without title and description.

2. Then I search for files without keywords. (pic2.jpg). I get 3742 files, not 3738. (pic3.jpg)

3. Then I search for files without title. (pic4.jpg). There are no files. (pic5.jpg)

The same with description.







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What is with this topic. The same in Build 2014.

Keyword, category, place and people are ok.

Title and description are not ok.

Update 02.12.2019:

Advanced search for "description is not empty" give 308 files.
With csv export of all files could be confirmed in the excel file 308. but according to catalog analysis have 1006 files a description.

The same in title. Catalog analysis says: 736 files have a title. But in the csv file no file with title found!


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Not fixed in 6.3 (2033)

New test:

310 files with description in catalog, 310 files with description in csv file.
But catalog analysis says: 13699 files has no description.
Files in catalog:             14707
without description:     13699
difference:                       1008 (not 310)


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Hello Egon, 


My results based on your database: 


Tags panel > Keywords > Unassigned = 3900

Advanced search > Keywords > is empty = 3900

Catalog analysis > No Keywords = 3900




Keywords seem to be ok.




Advanced search > Title > Is empty = 13931

Same with Catalog Analysis


However, Title is empty and is not empty give the result of 14009 of 14707 files - more than 707 seem to be ghosted in the database





Advanced search > Description > Is empty =13699

Same with Catalog analysis


However, there s an issue with the Title as well




There are files with ghosted Titles. I will forward your catalog to the database tech guys so that they could check it


Kind regards, 








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