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1904 - read tags from file - FileCreationDate unknown format


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I have a lot of "unknown format" files to handle, e.g. GPX files. My syntax of file names is: "YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.ext". These files don't have EXIF metadata. They get the CreationDateTime  in the catalog by the Import process. I guess Daminion uses the FileCreationDate for the initial CreationDateTime tag in the catalog - is that true?  I can change the CreationDateTime in the Properties Panel but this changed date is not saved to the file and doesn't  modify the FileCreationDate of the file.

I can adjust the FileCreationDate by the Exiftool. BUT the action "read tags from file" doesn't read the changed FileCreationDate to update the CreationDateTime of the catalog. The Rescan Folders uses the updated FileCreationDate.

Regards, Uwe


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23 hours ago, Uwe said:

I guess Daminion uses the FileCreationDate for the initial CreationDateTime tag in the catalog - is that true?

Uwe, that is true, according to my experience. In the case of GPX, it is the time stamp, the file was copied to your PC - not the time the track was recorded. I also import GPX into Daminion and manually adjust the date, if necessary to the date the track was recorded and the time to 00:00:00 to make it more easy to find the GPX among all the images of the same date. And correct, changing the time stamp in Daminion, does not modify the FileCreationDate of the file. But so far, that didn't seem to be necessary to me. I store images and GPX in the same daily folder, which makes it easy to locate the GPX.   The file name is usually YYYYMMDD_ from_to_place.GPX. And double clicking the GPX opens it in RouteConverter.

Recently, I started to tag the GPX also with the place name of the destination.

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Hi Wilfried,

thanks for the confirmation. I also store the GPX file(s) together with the photos in the same folder. My problem is, that I can't/don't copy the GPX files every day to the PC. The result is a wrong date/time stamp (e.g. FileCreationDate) but the right file name defined by me. Using the ExifTool command line (-overwrite_original "-System:FileModifyDate<filename" "-System:FileAccessDate<filename" "-System:FileCreateDate<filename" {Filename}) synchronizes file name and the file system data. I use in Daminion "Sort by creation DateTime" and without to modify the FileCreationDate the GPX file is "somewhere" in the thumbnails.

I hope to get a postive answer by the Daminion team to include the FileCreationDate in the "read tags from file" action.

Regarding to use the place tags in GPX files: I would like to have a sidecar file for all files. Going this way Daminion can store all information existing in the catalog in the sidecar file and they don't get lost if I have to create a new catalog.

Regards, Uwe

Edited by Uwe
Enhanced regarding the places tags of GPX file
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