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Two old errors in


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the new version of standalone Daminion has two "old" errors.


1. The sort order will not be saved. After newstart there is "without sorting"

This was fixed in 5.5.1736.

But with install the file Settings.xml is updated and sort order was not saved.

After changing Settings.xml sort order was saved.

2. No suggestion with location data. This error (registered: #4692) should be fixed soon.

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10 minutes ago, Egon said:

What is with 2.

Registered error #4692.

When will this be fixed?

Egon, not sure what exactly you mean with #4692. What I found was the problem not getting any suggestions for the Location, when entering the place, but that works fine for me:


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One thing comes to mind Egon: Before I moved from standalone to home server, I rarely ever used the autocomplete function (what you called "suggestion"). Why? Because many times the autocomplete took so long, I never knew it just didn't find anything or just needed (endlessly) long. Now, using the server, it works much better.

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1 minute ago, Egon said:

Where can I check the autocomplete function?

I am not aware of  any place where you can check or uncheck it.  It is just another, more common term for what you called "suggestion" in your initial question. My comment above only meant to say, the performance time for autocomplete (= suggestion) with the standalone client was so lousy many times, that I gave up using it and it was often not clear to me whether it was not working at all or just having extremely long response times. The same might be true for your standalone client.

I had also the impression, it became worse, the more images were in the catalog.

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