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How are groups under "Authors" different?


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Hello all. I've been taking a look at Daminion this weekend, and I like it so far. But it's clear that there are many things I don't understand about how it works.


For example, in order to keep the list of "People" tags more navigable, I have added groups - one for each letter of the alphabet. Then I sorted all the individual people into these groups. Works great!


So great that I thought, I'm going to use this everywhere. Made it for "Keywords" next. Works great!


Then I made it for "Authors" tags, too. Except... it doesn't work there. I can make groups under the "Authors" tag just fine, and sort existing authors into them, like everywhere else. But these groups behave distinctly different from groups elsewhere.


For starters, all groups I have used so far show a zero next to them, even if they have multiple subtags with dozens of images each. But under "Authors", the groups correctly add up the total images contained within their subtags.


Also, I am finding it impossible to use grouped author tags in the Properties panel.


Let's say, for example, I have an author tag with my own handle, grouped as I intended it to be: "Authors" -> "O" -> "Omicron". There are dozens of images associated with this author already. Now I add a new image, and in the Properties panel, I fill out all the info. In the box for authors, I type "omic..." and I am offered an autocomplete option that shows me the tag "Omicron" as a subset of group "O". I choose this autocomplete option.


However, after confirming it and letting Daminion write the metadata, I find that the image was not added to the existing "Authors" -> "O" -> "Omicron" tag. Instead, Daminion created a new top level tag: "Authors" -> "O\Omicron".


I can still add the image to the correct, grouped tag if I select it and drag it onto the tag in the list. But using the Properties panel always results in it creating a new top level tag.


Furthermore, if an image is assigned both to such a wrong top level tag, and to the correctly grouped tag, then the Properties panel will show two identical-looking entries for "Authors". Both have the same appearance, and even the same mouseover popup info.


Is there any way I can change the behavior of the groups under "Authors" to match that of groups under other categories?

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Oh, I see! I wasn't sure if that wasn't perhaps intended, since I took a look at custom tags and there were so many different ways to set them up. Thank you for looking into it. :)


Is there somewhere I can see changelogs when new versions are released, so I can see when the bugfix has made it in? The Announcements subforum apparently only has changelogs for test versions, and I'd prefer a stable release.


(Your website is a little tricky to navigate, to be honest. It only promotes the enterprise version, but doesn't mention a private-use version at all, nor does it allow you to access the download section. I had to go into the forums and find a forum post that linked to the downloads in order to be able to get there. If I had not been told by someone else that a single user license version definitely existed, I would have turned away on the main page under the assumption that this software is only for corporations, and is not publicly distributed.)

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... in order to keep the list of "People" tags more navigable, I have added groups ...

Independent of the bug you reported, one tip for navigating the tags:


Since I found out how the Filter tags work, I use the hierarchy tree in the tags panel less and less. When I search for a certain tag content, I enter that into field <Filter Tags> on top of of the Tags panel (see screen shot).


For each character typed, the Daminion client searches all tags and shows the results underneath immediately:




After selecting one of those tags, you have four options: Press Enter (or double click) just opens the tag tree and selects the searched tag; pressing Shift and Enter (or double click) adds that tag to item(s) selected in the thumbnail panel; pressing Ctrl and Enter (or double) adds this tag to the current search request; while Alt excludes the tag.

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