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Happy even after a crash of my Win 10 OS disk


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Just want to say how pleased I am with the ease of getting Daminion Server and Client working again after a crash of my Windows 10 Pro OS.


I keep a Paragon disk image of my OS, so getting back in service after a crash is not usually a big deal. Unfortunately, in this instance my disk images were not usable (for reasons I’ll not get into here) and I had to rebuild the OS as a clean Windows install. All my photos and data are located on external eSATA drives, with backups on separate external drives, so only my OS was affected by the crash.


I installed Daminion Server 5.8 on the clean Windows 10 Pro OS and did a restore from a backup that I had created with Daminion Server 5.0. Everything worked without difficulty. I made a few tweaks to the Server Admin Preferences, updated my DNG converter, re-created my custom Daminion Client Presets and I was back in business in less than an hour.


I wouldn’t have survived without the Daminion Server Backup feature. Just wanted to say “Thanks†for that.



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