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Item Audit History not working - Build 1765 Standalone


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After checking in an item which was previously checked out and changed externally, neither Version Control -> Undo nor Version Control -> Item Audit History works any more in Build 1765 Standalone.


Instead of the history, I get the dialog "There are no previous versions for this item". When trying Undo, after I respond to the confirmation dialog "Undo Check Out", I receive the message "xxxx.jpg: The file is already checked in.".


The folder does contain a new hidden subdirectory ~versions, which does contain the original version of the image with a modified name, as it did in the past. So the Undo can be done manually, but I did loose the comments I entered when checking in the modified item and I cannot compare the two versions easily anymore.


I just found out: It does work as expected, when I close Daminion after checking in the item and start again. So, it is only a minor glitch and good to know.

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But this brought up another question:


Is there a way to search for all items having a previous version?


In Windows 10, I was not even able to search for all "~Versions" folders - probably, because they are hidden. Before I had the idea to close and restart Daminion, I tried to find an item I checked in days before, but besides remembering, I was not able to do so.

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One more thing:

I checked in an item, then closed the catalog without ending Daminion, opened the same catalog again and I do not see the Item Audit History. However, in this case restarting Daminion does not help anymore, even though the original version was created inside of ~Versions.

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