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Latitude and Longitude exchanged occcasionally


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Did anybody notice this too?


Once in while, I find completely wrong GPS data, which was correct at the time, I imported the images. Looking at it more closely, I found out Latitude and Longitude did swap! For example what originally was N46°43'46.89"; W92°12'20.97" (46,72969055, -92,20582581) eventually becomes S92°12'20.97"; E46°43'46.89" (-92,20582581; 46,72969055).


It doesn't happen often, but some time after correcting all of those, I find others. Meanwhile I created a Saved Search (Latitude < 10 and Longitude > 35) indicating central originally European coordinates whose lat and long were exchanged.

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Before the import into Daminion, the gps coordinates were correct in file's metadata and got changed after the import? (incorrect coordinates gor synched with metadata?)

Correct, Daria!


I don't know when and why they are changed in Daminion (not in the files yet!) and it only applies to very few images. Never all in a folder (containing the images shot at the same day). When I say "after import", I mean at some time later. I never noticed it immediately after import.


When I found those and compare against the meta data in the files it is about a 50:50 chance (without exactly counting) that the file still contains the original coordinates. So, I assume, if other tags were changed within Daminion after the coordinates were damaged, synch will write the incorrect coordinates into the files, otherwise the meta data stay intact.

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