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Automatically tagging items based on other tags


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Let's say my database has images tagged according to people, and I then want to add a tag saying where these people are from. I have an excel sheet listing where each person is from.

Instead of going by each person tag individually and adding the relevant country tag, is there any way to import a CSV file that would link all works tagged under "Bob" to the country tag "UK"?



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Hello DM987,

at first: yes it's possible BUT manually or by an Excel function/macro.

E.g., I've exported 10 items to a CSV file, entered the Place tag in the CSV file and imported this CSV file.

What you have to do: you have to merge both Excel sheets: the CSV and yours to get a final CSV one that has to be imported.

Regards, Uwe

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... Instead of going by each person tag individually ....

You didn't say how many persons you have. If you have many pictures per person, but a relative small number of people, doing it manually in Daminion is feasible:

  1. Search all images for one person
  2. Select All (Ctrl+A)
  3. Enter desired the value into Keywords or other tags in the properties window
  4. Save the changes (Ctrl+S)
  5. Repeat for the next person

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