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Face Recognition and level of quality


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As we all know there are a lot of DAM outside on the market and for all of us, who have chosen damionion we all know what a fantastic tool Daminion is.


As I am using Daminion only for private reasons my request maybe affects just a small bunch of users, but i think it could be of interest nevertheless.


In the Daminion Beta Blog there is some information, that we can expect face recognition to be a functionality within 5.5.


My addition to that is - i hope - very simple. If you integrate face recognition to Daminion, would it be possible to create an additional tag that contains the level of quality a face had been recognized? Even better would be one level of quality for the recognition of a face, and a second level of quality for the recognition of a person?


For example, when i was working with lightroom, we were capable of using face recogniton and we were able to select between recognized and unrecognized. But it makes no sense if i see a bunch of recognized labeld photos and on the first view i see a lot of "errors".


But, if i were able to select "show all photos recognition level x < 90 and x > 60" for example it would speed up the process. And i think for a lot of private user, then tagging with people names would be a "stand-alone" feature for Daminion.


What do you think developers and users?

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I think it would be a great feature IF it is well implemented.


My experience of FR has not been good. There are so many false positives, with features in the landscape being identified as faces, that it was taking longer to unpick all of that tna it took to apply keywords for each person i visually identified. Selecting 40 pics with the same person and bulk applying a keyword is the work of a few moments.


So it all depends on the quality of the FR engine.

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