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Tag Relationships


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is there a function in daminion where i can define Tag relationships?


to explain it best you may have a look at the Tag relationships function in Elyse:



basically its a dynamic solution.


you define Tags for images. Additionally you have the Tag-relationship function where you can define the relationships. As long as Tags are related to each other you can find the image with the defined tag. But the tag is not really added to the file. For example you have two files: A and B. A has the tag 01. Now you define in Tag relationship panel that Tag 02 also belongs to 01. Now you can find the File also with the Tag 02. As long as you have this definition set.

The representation would be that you see under Keywords the Tag 01 and under Inherited Keywords the Tag 02.

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Or you can define a hierarchy of keywords.

This was my first thought too until I read "But the tag is not really added to the file." If you synchronize the tags to metadata, hierarchical keywords will be written including the upper level tags (e.g. cars|Audi ...), whereas the synonyms do not appear in the metadata (if I remember correctly ...?).


But you are right Juha, either way or a combination of both could be a solution to Fuch's question.

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