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Moving Items Between Catalogs

Paul Barrett

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I just used this function for the first time.


It worked well, up to a point.


As well as moving the item to a different catalog I also needed to move the file to a different network share. I had to do that step manually.


Wouldn't it be useful to have a step in the process that allowed you to define a new target folder? In both my catalogues I have a folder dedicated to new items which is where I need all transfers to go so it would be good to save the selected target folder as a preset.


I could not see any way to do that other than manually


- Paul

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Oh great.


So this issue was raised in 2012, again in 2014, and is still causing problems in 2017, 5 years since it was first raised.


It doesn't sound as if it's a difficult thing to implement, The recommendation coming from Daminion in the earlier posts seemed to be 'Keep catalogs and folders together, don't share files between catalogs.'


And that is exactly what I do.


But the functionality doesn't support that approach, because 'move' doesn't move the file.


- Paul



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