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Dropping files into a folder where files of same name already esit

Paul Barrett

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When you drop files into a folder and files of the same name already exists,no option to overwrite exists. The drop 'fails' and you get an error report saying files can't be created when files of the same name already exist.


It strikes me as odd that you can't do what you do in Windows and File Station etc, which is have the option to overwrite.


In my current example, I am replacing files that have not been tagged with the same images of better quality. So I have to to delete the files in the folder first, then move the new ones in. But not ALL the files in the target folder are to be replaced so I have to be very selective about what I delete.


An overwrite option / skip would be really helpful wouldn't it?


- Paul

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Hi Paul


What you could do is

1) copy the files in Windows File Manager, where you have the options of overwrite etc.

2) in Daminion in the target folder

a) select all

b) update the thumbnail (ctrl-B)

c) read tags from file




Hi Juha


Yes, I had worked out a similar workflow last night and you're quite right, that does work. Thank you.


But if Daminion is going to provide similar means to perform a task then I think it's reasonable to expect it to do it properly :)


- Paul



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