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Export to a complete path


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I want to export some video files from several subfolders to another folder. When I press F7, and select "Create subfolders", I type the template "%Folder" to send each file to the respective subfolder, in the selected destination folder. I'm talking about 1,000 files, aprox.




C:\Media\folder2\subfolder2\file2.avi, etc


Go to:




C:\ANOTHERMedia\folder2\subfolder2\file2.avi, etc


But the tag "%Folder" only takes "subfolder1", subfolder2"...etc. NOT the whole path: \folder1\subfolder1\, folder2\subfolder2\, etc.

How can I take the entire path? Is there some tag that takes the whole path, instead of the subfolder, only?

Thanks a Lot,

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Hi Facundo,


please add the number of levels you want to preserve to the token, for example "%folder2" or "%folder3"


e.g., I have a picture located by this path "C:\Users\daria\Pictures\Daminion\Daminion Catalog\Images\UNESCO World Heritage\South America\Chile\The Churches of Chiloe" and want to copy it to a folder "C:\Users\admin\Pictures\UNESCO World Heritage\South America\Chile\The Churches of Chiloe". The token would be "%folder4" because I want to preserve 4 last levels in the hierarchy




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