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Copy Tags (Alt+Shift+C) or Previous Set of Tags (Alt+Shift+F) and Paste Tags (Alt+Sh+V) by Shortcut


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Whenever possible (as long as I can remember enough), I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts rather than selecting from menus or clicking buttons. For "Copy Tags" i.e. Alt+Shift+C resp. Alt+Shift+F, I found a strange behavior:

If Alt+Shift+F is the first thing I do after starting the Daminion standalone client, the "Copy Tags .." dialog appears (fine, since it is the first time after starting) and the selected tags are copied accordingly after pressing Enter. However, in addition the shortcut "F" (= Set Flag -> flagged) is also performed placing the green circle on the lower left of the thumbnail.

When I continue now to paste the tags by selecting one or more other thumbnails and pressing Alt+Shift+V, the same happens: The paste is performed correctly, but in addition "V" (= Open With -> first external viewer) is performed as well, which can be even more nasty than setting the flag.

If Alt+Shift+C is the first thing I do, essentially the same happens (specially for the following Alt+Shift+V), but since the letter "C" doesn't seem to be a valid shortcut (or does it??), nothing happens for the first shortcut, but opening the external viewer together with the paste is nasty enough.

After this first action, everything works fine.

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