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2nd PC setup for Shared Catalog

Paul Barrett

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Hello Paul,

why did you install a second server?

Do you want to have one server catalog on PC1 and a second server catalog on PC2?

Or do you want to move your server catalog from PC1 to PC2? In this case: did you try to make a backup of the server catalog on PC1 and a restore on PC2?

Regards, Uwe

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Hi Paul,

this is not a problem. Install the client on both PCs and you can be logged in with the same user on both PCs. In the "open shared catalog" dialog on PC2 you enter the name of your server PC (PC1) and the catalog name you want to open - that's all.

At the moment there is no check in Daminion if the same user is logged in on different PCs but this is not typical for multi-user systems. Usually you will be automatically logged off on PC1 if you are going to login on PC2 with the same user.

I prefer to create dedicated user for each PC, e.g. the user Uwe is created three times: Uwe_PC1, Uwe_PC2, Uwe_PC3, etc. On PC1 I'm logged in as Uwe_PC1, on PC2 as Uwe_PC2... Going this way I can check what was done on which computer.

Regards, Uwe

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Hi Uwe


OK, I get that now. I have created a separate user too, so I can see what pc I was working from when the change was made - good suggestion Uwe.


I also had to disable sleep mode on my desktop where the server is, obviously. But it's a pain because it's not very green, especially when I have a NAS drive sitting there that could take the load.


I, and many others, have said the same thing.... Oh for a Synology Daminion Package,


I was quite surprised to learn that Synology's Photo Station Package that I use for web publishing has been downloaded over 8 million times. I'll bet quite a few of those users would love a Daminion version


- Paul

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