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Off topic question

Paul Barrett

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This question has nothing to do with Daminion but everything to do with photos so I thought one of you might know the answer.


I am working through old photos, some over a hundred years old, scanning, fixing and cataloguing them.


Despite my best efforts to keep the scanner glass clean, use the blemish removing function whilst scanning etc, I still have to spend a long time going over each image retouching dust spots. These all have the same characteristic. They are a spot of pure white surrounded by non pure white.


Is there a software solution out there that automates the removal process? It seems like a good candidate for an app but I haven't found one so far.


Any ideas please?




Season's Greetings!

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Hello Paul.


in the most cases the scanner software has a function to remove dust and scratch marks.



E.g. http://support.epson...tml/projs_3.htm


Please check if this option is avalailabe in your scanner software.


Regards, Uwe


Hi Uwe


Thanks for the reply.


Yes I am familiar with that function and I did use it. I will try a more aggressive setting and see if it has any effect






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