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Properties Panel Question

Paul Barrett

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I have customised the content of the properties panel but there is a disparity between the fields I want to appear in the Image section, and what actually appears. (screenshot attached)


I have looked in as many places as I can think of but can see no help on this.


Can someone point me in the right direction please?


Thanks so much




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Hello Paul,

did you checked if the selected item has the missing tags in its EXIF/XMP metadata section? You can do it by the action "show all metadata".

Only existing metadata are shown in the image section of the Properties Panel.

Regards, Uwe

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So the only way I can do that is to use exiftool, right? It's not editable in Daminion?

Yes, that's correct. These are "technical read-only metadata". Daminion doesn't write these information. But you can use the "Open with" option of Daminion to call the ExifTool and to write the metadata. Then you have to call the action "Read Tags from file" to update the Daminion database.

I use e.g. the following command lines to write Maker, Model and Lens metadata by the ExifTool.



Regards, Uwe

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