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Pick Up Tags

Paul Barrett

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Is there a function that allows you to pick up the tags from one photo and drop them on one or more other photos? I have looked but can't find one.


I am digitising hundreds of disorganised family photos from the last 100 years. Often I find that having carefully tagged a photo with people, places, events, keywords, descriptions and creation dates, I realise I missed one or more with the exact same tags. If I could just pick up the tags from one photo and drop them on the ones I missed it would be much easier.


Have I missed something or is this not possible currently?


- Paul

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Hello Paul,

click on the actions icon of the thumbnail (right upper corner) of a photo->copy tags->select the tags you want to copy->select other photos->paste tags




right click on the thumbnail of a photo->actions-> continue a described above

Regards, Uwe

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