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Identifying 'Mystery' Images

Paul Barrett

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During my recent 4 day geotagging exercise on my 13,000 images I came across quite a few good images where I could not remember the precise location.


I had a browser window open alongside Daminion and when I came to a mystery image i would go to Google Images, load the image, see if it there was a direct match, if not I used the related links on the results page to find a match and, finally, copied and pasted the location back into the map search in Daminion to find the geotag location.


It was a very laborious task but it was the best I could come up with (any other suggestions would be welcomed!)


So, I was wondering of we could add an item to the Actions drop down menu to 'Locate image In Google Images' (or whatever service(s) we want to use. If selected then Daminion would use an API or similar to:

  • send the image to the selected location service
  • Open a web browser window showing teh results of that search so the user can accept a direct result or use other links on the page to identify the location
  • pass the location back to the geotag search facility so it can find the location on the map
  • then use the existing capability to click and drag the location point if it still requires it.


I expect it is more complex than I have described, but something along these lines would be great.


What do you think?

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