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Place Tags and Geotags Relationship

Paul Barrett

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Hi Guys


Place tags and geotags are completely independent of each other. I can assign a place tag of London and a geotag of Hawaii (easier to do than you might think especially if you pick up an image by mistake). Should there be a strong relationship between the two?



I have been doing extensive work to ensure every image is located using Place Tags. But since my preferred route to publish my pics to my family is Synology's Photo Station app I have also had to Geotag everything , The original Place tagging took a long time. Adding geotags was easier once the Place tags were done as it made it easy to home in on related items, but it still took 4 days that I won't get back.


What do you do and how do you do it?


I believe Place tags and geotags are complementary and that it's not an either or choice.


If that's the case would it make sense if:


  1. As well as assigning GPS coordinates to the image file, Daminion also recorded the geotag against the lowest level entry in the Place
  2. So, say that you have selected all images with a Place tag of 'UK\Hertfordshire\Berkhamsted\George Street' and you then search for a geotag and link it to the images, Daminion would store that link against the 'George Street' Place item.
  3. Would it also be possible for Daminion to use the Place data 'UK\Hertfordshire\Berkhamsted\George Street 'to check that there is a match between it and the geotag, warning the user if there was a mismatch?
  4. And if THAT is possible, could we take it a stage further and say that when tags are created within Place tags in Daminion, there should be a checkbox called 'Geotag this Place tag'. If checked, then an auto look up would associate a geotag with that Place tag.
  5. Then when new images are linked to that tag Daminion would automatically add the GPS data to the images' metadata as part of auto-sync.
  6. If a geo tag is added to a Place tag after the Place tag had already been linked to images, then Daminion would assign the geotag to the images.
  7. When a geotag is added to a Place tag, the map window should be forced open so that the user can use the existing facility to check and move the locator pin if they want to
  8. If a user does not want to link Place and Geotags in this way, all they have to is leave the Place tag check box 'Geotag this Place tag' unselected and things would behave exactly as they do today.

Is there any merit to this idea? Is there an objection I have not thought of?


Because with this capability I could have saved 4 days of my life!

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Hello Paul,

there were some discussions in the forum about this topic. There are already existing feature requests, maybe don't fit to all of your wishes:



I guess that GeoSetter can add Places tags if you assign gps metadata to a photo. In this case Daminion can read these tags in the import procedure.

BUT the implemetation in Daminion would be perfect.

Regards, Uwe

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