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Exif Tool in Daminion - Syntax Issue

Paul Barrett

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I want to create a Region Name field in the XMP metadata, and populate it with the contents of the field Person in Image that is already in the XMP metadata. I am using the Exif Tool in Daminion.

I used the syntax -RegionName=PersonInImage {Filename}

This correctly created the field Region Name in the XMP section of the metadata but instead of populating the field with the contents of the PersonInImage field it treated the argument PersonInImage as a text string so placed the words 'PersonInImage' in the field.

I have used similar syntax on other rules and it has worked OK. Can anyone suggest a solution please?

Many thanks.

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Thanks Juha


Sorry if I am being dumb. I am new to all this.


What parameter do you mean please? I don't want to specify a name to add I want the command to copy the contents of PersonInImage (which may contain multi values) into RegionName.


If I had to specify the name I would have hundreds of operations to carry out.






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I haven't used ExifTool in Daminion, so I'm not familiar with the syntax. If you use ExifTool from command line you should write

C:> exiftool '-RegionName<PersonInImage' file|dir

where file|dir means a filename or directory, depending do you want to apply the command to a single file or all files in a directory.


The character < means to ExifTool that take the contents of the field on the right hand side and copy it into the field in left. Character = means that take literally what is right and copy that to the field in left.



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