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How to copy selected photo's from one catalog to another catalog?


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For a project I would like to have some workflow that would accomplish the following:


I have a main catalogue which contains all photo's from a project.

I want to be able to create a selection of those photographs based on their tags, and then copy those photo's to another catalog.

There is a 'move to' function, but if I understand correctly that will only remove the link to those photo's from the source catalog, and create the links in the other catalog.


But I want to leave the files and links in the source catalog untouched, and have copies of the selected photos themselves placed into the other catalogue.


Preferably a quick and easy solution, such as selecting the photographs in the main catalog, and then somehow choose 'copy to catalog ...'.

But I don't believe there currently exists such a function?


Another way to achieve this might be a 'copy' function in the context menu of the thumbnail pictures. (so that you could then paste them into the other catalog)

But that also doesn't seem to be an option.


What would be the best and easiest way to accomplish something like this?

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one option can be to export the files from the source catalog using the option "Original Files" to a folder that is used by the second catalog. If this second catalog is on an internal disc you can use the the "Auto Rescan" function of this catalog and there the option "Reflect External Changes Immediately". Then you have to switch on the Auto Rescan on the folder.

If the folder is on an external disc (e.g. NAS) you can use the option "Rescan Folders Every" x hours y minutes to import the files.

But please check if you really want to manage and synchronize the same file (the original and its copy) in different catalogs. Maybe its better to use additional metadata (keywords, collections, custom tags) to keep all items in one catalog.

Regards, Uwe

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Thanx Uwe!


I had completely overlooked the button 'Export'.

That's working out great.

I can't find an option called "Original Files" though. Might that be because I am currently using the free desktop edition?


I do need this 'workflow' indeed, since I want to be able to 'hand out' selected photo's to people that don't have access to, or any knowledge about Daminion, and also don't need all photo's from a project.

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here the screenshot of the export and the option to select the format of the exported files.


The Server version of Daminion has functionality to work with different users and access control to the items.

Regards, Uwe

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