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  1. Or at least Daminion could show any response/sign of life at all on this matter....
  2. Some response from Daminion would be really nice. Allow me to suggest two possible replies: A. We acknowledge this issue and dissatisfaction from some of our customers, we appreciate them for bring it to our attention, and we will try to resolve it. B. Meh.
  3. Yes, this is very disappointing. I am surprised in a negative way that a company which existence and purpose relies on managing photographs and image files is not capable to fix such a basic and principle issue. This doesn't grow much confidence in the quality of Daminion's programmers and/or management.
  4. Hello Murat. First of all, I really do appreciate Daminion a lot, I think it is a fantastic product, and am recommending it to anybody who is interested in such a product. (a friend already purchased it) Currently (for unrelated reasons) I don't have Daminion running on my system anymore. The photographs I was using when I noticed the slow rendering were from somebody's personal family library, so I am hesitant to share them. But I can tell you it was a mix of rather low/standard resolution mobile phone photo's up till more hi-res consumer DSL photographs. All jpg, and nothing above
  5. Thnx for your reply Daria. My setup is not high-end, but very solid, working fine with all sorts of applications, varying from audio, video, database applications. It has an i5 from a few generations back, 4GB ram, and Windows, Daminion, and the library all running from a local Samsung 850 EVO ssd. The weakest point is probably the ATI HD4300 series graphics, but it's working fine with e.g. Photoshop, FastStone, etc. Reading the other replies to my posting, there really seems to be something about Daminion's rendering engine that might need to be improved on? Do you experienc
  6. Hi, No replies yet, so I am curious. Am I the only one experiencing this slow rendering, or am I one of the few that is (slightly) bothered by it?
  7. Thnx Daria! It's not exactly the same, but indeed more than adequate for what I am trying to do.
  8. When you display your photo's in fullscreen, you have the option to display the 'Properties' panel on the right side of the screen at the same time. Is there also a way to have the left 'Tags' panel in view when displaying and scrolling through photo's in fullscreen? That would make it easy to e.g. drag the image into a tag field you want to associate it with.
  9. Clear! Thanks again for the fast response and explanation. This week I convinced a 'not so computer savvy' friend to buy Daminion basic, and thought there might perhaps be some use in occasionally (help her) renumbering the id's in her library. For example renumber them by order of date created or date imported, or something. But I now understand that this is not a very good idea, and probably not really useful too. Tag filtering and keywords should cover this all very well. Daminion is really a fantastic product!
  10. I would like to learn a bit more about the mechanics behind 'item id'. How and when are they created, how 'sticky' are they, can you manage or renumber them yourself, etc. Is there perhaps a link to some explanation about that?
  11. Thnx Dean! I seem to have a small talent for overlooking the obvious ;-) Yet I also feel that the dialogue that pops up after creating a new catalog should offer, and be able to add folders too, instead of only files.
  12. When I create a new catalog, I am expecting to be able to select a folder for it to scan for content. But when I create a new catalog, I can only choose to add files, not folders. This is especially very annoying when you want to add a folder containing sub folders. You then have to open each and every sub folder, select all files from it, and then add those. I am pretty sure I am missing something here? There must be a way to just add a complete folder including all it's sub folders at once?
  13. I am wondering if this is due to my setup, or if others experience this too: I am evaluating Daminion with a compact catalog, containing jpg's only, all residing on an ssd drive. But when I double-click a thumbnail picture to view it full-screen, first it displays blurry low-res, and after maybe half a second it becomes detailed and at the correct resolution. That seems a bit lackluster at this day and age and with my setup. Is this known behavior with Daminion, or can I perhaps improve this myself by doing some tweaking?
  14. I see, that's an additional setting when you are already in the export panel.
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