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Rescan vs. Read Tags from File


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Hi, I am geo-referencing files with Geosetter. I want to update the Daminion catalog with the externally entered information (Place, latitude, longitude). I am choosing Rescan with option "Update Catalog with Modified Files" ticked. Unfortunately no data are imported.

When I am using "Read Tags from File" from the sync menu this will do the job but is much slower.

What is the Rescan option for, then?

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Thanks for your answers. It seems that most (or only ?) relevant option that Rescan will update information is modified file date. File size did obviously not matter in the cases I have described (and I have just tested again).

I have found out that in Geosetter the option "Preserve File Date and Time when Saving Changes" was chosen and that was the reason for Daminion not recognizing the new metadata. However, because creation date etc. are stored in EXIF/IPTC data the file date is not relevant anyway. When I witch the option off everything works fine.

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