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Search for collections vs. categories

Sylvain M.

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Hello everybody,


New question of the day : we have many collections imported from our old software.

We would like to search medias with collection terms, in the search panel.

Unfortunately, medias are not found with the search...

Perhaps we should move Collections Terms to Categories, but we have to keep the hierarchy, and with hundreds of terms, we would prefer an automatic process.

Could you advise us on this point ?


Thanks in advance.


Sylvain M.

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Hello Sylvain


you can use the Advanced Search to find Collections.



Tested with 1405 build.

Also the Quick Search works. Select Collections in the search criteria and enter the name of the Collection in the field of the top line.


Regards, Uwe

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Thanks !

I did not saw collections in system sub-menu.

However, the quick search doesn't return medias tagged inside collection.

For example, I have a collection named "Papillons" (Butterflys in French) with some pictures in it (which is classified in the "Insects" collection, which itself is classified as "Animals" collection).

When I search for "Papillons", I have 0 results in quick search.


Is it "normal" ?

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