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[1391-1392] -Collections - different information on web client and client software


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Hello Community,

today I tried the Web Client and found the following problem.


The collections show like this in the Client Software: post-1019-0-68228800-1456585783_thumb.jpg


in the web client it shows some more (full page) (strange names) post-1019-0-98747100-1456585814_thumb.jpg and in the sidebar it is missing the number of assigned files post-1019-0-69343000-1456585846_thumb.jpg

When I open those "collections" in the sidebar it shows the correct number:



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the problem changed in built 1392.


Meanwhile on Webclient it shows 0 items in the attached Collection: post-1019-0-38972800-1456865970_thumb.jpg


The Client Software is showing the correct amount of 83326 files post-1019-0-25850900-1456866070_thumb.jpg


The Sidebar view is still wrong: post-1019-0-48675200-1456866046_thumb.jpg




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You see "0 items" for Collections if nothing is assigned to this collection directly (without taking into account sub-collections).


In the desktop client we display valid numbers because for each tag Client asks Server to get a number of assigned files.

In the web-client we don't ask this info to reduce the server loading.


This question is still open. And we didn't decide yet what approach to select here.

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