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Web Frontend Question


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Will the eventual web frontend have to run on the machine where Daminion is located?


For instance, my company uses Daminion on an internal server but then I automatically export "Public" images to a website located on off-site hosting.


Will Daminion be able to "export" the web frontend to any FTP credentials or does it have to run on the same server?


I imagine that many companies will be in a similar position of separating Daminion main server from website server.

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Your goal is clear. However the web-application is hosted (and will be) hosted on the server based PC where Daminion Server is installed.


There are several workarounds for your scenario including:

- using the Publish panel

- installing two servers: internally and off-site and then moving files from the first server to the second one

- move Daminion Server completely to a web-server

- Add a new server PC in your local network with external IP and install there Daminion Server


But let me talk with my team on this Friday to think about the best approach in this scenario. It would be nice to sync items with an online service by a single click.

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Unfortunately the current version of the web-client works with IIS (Windows) only.


However it will be possible to soon to integrate Daminion collections from the web-client on your web-site using a Widget.

The only requirement for this step will be to install Daminion Server on a Windows hosting.

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