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XMP in video is not imported


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Using version 4.1


Recently I re-imported many images and videos that were tagged earlier using Daminion into a new catalog.


The xmp data embedded in images are imported correctly, but not for video. As can be seen from the screenshot, XMP data is available in the video. Why are they not imported to the corresponding fields?


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I tried re-importing a MP4 video tagged recently using Daminion. The xmp values are imported successfully to corresponding fields. See attached screenshot.




I notice that XMP Toolkit is XMP Core 5.5.0, which is different from the video tagged earlier (see attachment in my first post). The Toolkit shown is ExifTool 9.78. Could this be the reason? How to solve this issue?

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After further research and read this reply,




I conclude that the xmp metadata that was written by using ExifTool are not able to be extracted and shown after the MP4 files are imported.


For some reasons, sometimes our MP4 containers are created differently. See screenshots.






Those with "MP4 Base Media v1" are the ones that have XMP metadata written by using ExifTool.


Hi Murat, any help regarding this issue?

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Thanks for the file. Unfortunately XMPToolkit doesn't recognize the XMP block in your video file. LR5 also doesn't see.


We've added an option to try import XMP block by ExifTool when it can't be read by XMPToolkit. It should be set by adjustment of Daminion Server settings file manually (Video_UseExifToolWhenXMPisNotFoundByXMPToolkit)


Will be available in the next build.

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You will find the settings in your windows AppData

on my machine running Daminion Server 4.5.0 1443 :

Users/yourname/AppData/Roaming/Daminion Software/Daminion.1.0/Settings

It is an XML File

The section you want is 3/4 of the way down, and will initially appear as:





-<setting serializeAs="String" name="TryToReadXMPByExifToolWhenXMPIsNotFoundByXMPToolKit">




Based on other lines in the file, I would expect that you would change the end of this to


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