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  1. Tested on the standalone version 6.3 and it is still not fixed. Because of this bug, I have to stay at version 5.5 ☹️
  2. Tested on the standalone version 6.3 and the filter function still cannot find State, City and Location tags
  3. Tested on the new version 6.0. It is still not fixed :-(
  4. Tested on the new version 6.0. It is still not fixed :-(
  5. Using a standalone Daminion. The filter function can find Country tags, but cannot find State, City and Location tags. Is this a correct behaviour?
  6. The filter function can find Country tags, but cannot find State, City and Location tags. Is this a correct behaviour?
  7. I am using Daminion Standalone 5.8 (1755). For the Place metadata... ...I can get the drop down list for Country. But the drop down lists are not available for State, City and Location.
  8. Hi Daminion support, I have updated my installation to the latest version 5.0.1682. However, the problem is still there. After entering the values in Creation Datetime, Event, Keywords and saved, the AVI video is corrupted immediately. Can this issue be given priority to be fixed? It is critical! The damage caused to the AVI video is permanent! Many users are probably still not aware and continue to import and tag their AVI videos.
  9. Hi Uwe, Thanks for testing, but what exactly have you done? Did you import the original video to Daminion, change and save e.g. Creation Datetime? Are you able to play the video after that? What video player did you use to play the corrupted video file? For me, the corrupted video file cannot be played in Films & TV app, Windows Media Play and Media Player Classic (MPC). It can only be played in VLC player so far. The original video file can be played in all the above players.
  10. Daminion version 5.0 (1582) Windows 10 Recently, I discovered that many of my AVI videos cannot be played in Daminion (Windows 10 default player) I retrieved my backup copies from DVD and found that the videos can be played. Something must have gone wrong after importing the video files to Daminion. I imported an original AVI file to Daminion again and it can be played without problem. Then I entered a value in Country field. Now, the AVI video cannot be played again. I will get the same problem if I enter a value in Creation Datetime This problem only happens to my AVI videos. The rest of the video files e.g. MP4, MOV are OK. Add video format support option is not enabled in Preferences. Two samples of the original and corrupted AVI video files can be downloaded from the link for your investigation. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoCaZ9avFgKUgifIKFWV9jRTWHj2
  11. Hi Wilfried, This only happens when the USB external HDD is NOT attached, i.e. there is no rendering. The preview is fine if the external HDD is attached. i.e. there is rendering. I do not always bring along the external HDD with my laptop. When I show the images in Daminion to someone, the offline previews are used. I hope this will be fixed.
  12. My original images are stored in an external hard disk drive. I notice that if my external hdd is not attached and I am trying to see the preview of an image in portrait format... ...this is what I get. This only happens to images that are taken using my mobile phone. I believe it has something to do with the orientation flag in the image.
  13. Hi PG36, Thanks, that works! Unfortunately, the ExifTool Read function does not support UTF-8. The embedded Chinese characters are read as ???
  14. Hi Murat, Appreciate if you could reply soon. Thank you.
  15. Hi Murat, Sorry that I do not understand your statement. Do you mean that is a settings file for making the adjustment? Where is the location of the file?
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