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  1. Tested on version 7.0 (2490). Both issues still exist.
  2. After upgraded from to, besides still not able to see the colour profile info, I also notice that the colour profile is not applied to the preview image anymore. Take the same sample image as an example. This is what I see in Photoshop. This is what I see in Daminion
  3. Before upgrading - Video Preview was enabled. Video Preview was generated. (I still can play these previews) After upgrading - Video imported after upgrading has no preview generated. The notice message is always there. There is not video conversion activity shown in Task Manager.
  4. Using Home Server Take the sample file (19960501_000030.tif) that was sent to Daria today as an example. ExifTool shows that colour profile is embedded. However, the colour profile info is not shown in the Properties panel
  5. Hi Daria, I have sent a PM to you with the download link. Thank you!
  6. Is there a way to change the date display format in web client? The default format is mm/dd/yyyy. I like to change it to dd/mm/yyyy.
  7. Using Home Server Take this scanned TIFF image as an example. This is the orientation shown in Windows 10 folder thumbnail view. If I open it in Windows 10 built-in Photos app or in Adobe Photoshop, both applications will respect the embedded orientation flag and the image will be rotated automatically. In Daminion, it seems that the embedded orientation flag is respected. However, the rotation is not done correctly. For preview, this is what I get. This is the embedded orientation value.
  8. Tested on Home Server Still not fixed. Can Daminion support check this and let us know when will be it fixed?
  9. Daminion Server If I enable this option,... ...there will be no preview in web client. Do we need to regenerate the previews manually? If yes, how?
  10. Tested on the standalone version 6.3 and it is still not fixed. Because of this bug, I have to stay at version 5.5 ☹️
  11. Tested on the standalone version 6.3 and the filter function still cannot find State, City and Location tags
  12. Tested on the new version 6.0. It is still not fixed :-(
  13. Tested on the new version 6.0. It is still not fixed :-(
  14. Using a standalone Daminion. The filter function can find Country tags, but cannot find State, City and Location tags. Is this a correct behaviour?
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