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Difficulty registrering from basic to standard


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A moment ago I bought a license for the Standard standalone Daminion. When I copied the password line number two in the registration window tells that I can import 75.000 files and that the program is active.

Unfortunately the bottom line says that I can only import 25.000 files.

The very top left part of the browser says License Type: Basic.

Restart did not help. I have not tried reinstallation.

I have a problem since I need the room for files.



Jens Solvang

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Hello Jens,




do you may have two licenses installed now? If that is the case just delete the Basic license so only your new Daminion-Standard license is listed and active in the license list box.

And restart Daminion after deleting the old license. However a reinstallation of Daminion is not necessary.

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