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  1. Hello, when you delete tags in Daminion they will only be removed from the catalog but not from the file. That's why they are back again when you retrieve the tags from file. Uwe wrote already why they are pink colored.
  2. When you click on a linked image within the linking window, the properties panel will show its metadata. So you can there click on its file name for filtering that image in the browser or to open it in full screen view. This way you can step back and forth between the linked files in both directions.
  3. Hi Russel, Thanks for the hint about the misleading English wording. Yep that sounds better for me. Let`s see what Murat says. AboutLinking. You can e.g. link all your used frames with the panoramic image you’ve created. This way you will be able to quickly see which frames are used for this particular panoramic file. As this linking works both ways you can also see, for which panoramic image a particular frame was used. So if you click on the panoramic thumb at the small chain symbol, you will see the command “what this item is linked toâ€. This w
  4. Sedat

    New user questions

    Hello! 1. You can manually add those unknown file types to the import filter. Go to "Catalog" -> "Import Filters...". You can then import these files but they will shown by default with a question mark thumbnail. But you can change this also as described in the following tutorial: https://daminion.net/...arch_highlight1 2. Well, I see no reason to split that into different catalogs. If you will import all files into one catalog then you can e.g. better search for files. 3. You don't even have to sync the data cause you can directly import local catalogs into a sha
  5. Hello Jens, do you may have two licenses installed now? If that is the case just delete the Basic license so only your new Daminion-Standard license is listed and active in the license list box. And restart Daminion after deleting the old license. However a reinstallation of Daminion is not necessary.
  6. Hello BobMac you can do this easily with the advanced search feature. Just hit the "Advanced" button which is located right beside the quick search box. There you can pick the width and height from the tags list and set the desired minimum size. As a search option you can chose "greater than or equal".
  7. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. You can open the folder panel and dock it to the catalog tags panel. File menu: Window -> Folders Then you can select in the folder panel by click on the gear icon the tags you want to have displayed. This way you can have two panels side by side showing the same tag list.
  8. And what happend then? Did you get any error message? I can import *.htm files without problems. The only thing you have to keep in mind is, that manually added file types cannot be imported via drag&drop. So you have to use the import button to open the import dialog and select your htm files there.
  9. As an alternative you can always use the page up and page down keys to go to the next or previous item. Regardless which zoom value is set to. Does that maybe help?
  10. No problems here with build 1161. Can't confirm it either. But what you mean by "large files"? How large are they?
  11. There is a quicker way to get back the grouped parameters. In the Daminion file menu just got to "View" -> "Reset User Interface". In German: "Anzeige" -> "Benutzeroberfläche zurücksetzen". ;)
  12. Sedat

    Feature request

    Right here ;) So please add my vote too.
  13. Please add my vote too for this. This would also be helpful when merging photos taken from different cameras with shifted time settings to be able to sort them by date accurately.
  14. Maybe you could use the color labels for this purpose. To give them a more descriptive name, you could also change the names of the color labels. For example, you might better suit your own workflow by assigning the colors of certain steps like red for “master fileâ€, yellow for “in work†and green for “finalizedâ€. In this way you can already see on the basis of colors in which processing stage the image is located. Is that maybe an option for you?
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