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PostgreSQL Server


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I have recently installed Daminion Server on my PC. The PC runs on windows 10 64-bit Op System.


When I turn the PC off and restart Daminion Server I get the following message:


Cannot start PostgreSQL Server


I then need to open services and physically switch on both Daminion Server and Postgresql.


I have reinstalled both products but still have same issue.


Not too sure what to do next - any help appreciated.

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I have seen the same thing before. It just happened again within the last few days. I'm pretty sure the Network Service account is being used.


The first time it happened, I also reinstalled everything. The couple of times after that, I noticed that there were 6-8 PostgresSQL processes running but Daminion could not connect. I removed these processes, started the PostgresSQL service again, and then Daminion was able to connect.


Frank Hahn

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