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Reverse geocoding

Sylvain M.

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Excuse me if the question has already been asked, and for the poor quality of my English.

Are there any feature of "reverse geocoding" or is it planned?

I am currently testing Daminion and geolocation tools pictures are great! (congratulations !). It would be better yet if Daminion allowed to use these coordinates to assign the information of places that can be inferred from (city, country, ...).

There are many tools for this, including free tools based on OpenStreetMap: Nominatim for example.

Congratulations for this very successful tool!


Sylvain M.

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By definition, OpenStreetMap is not complete for the whole world.

However, the database is free, allowing a much simpler to use than proprietary databases such as Google.

Moreover, in France for example, OSM is now at least as rich as the owners bases (maybe more), and growth around the world make the geocoding requests will be increasingly efficient.


Sylvain M.

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