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Replace RAW files with JPGs


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Hello, I would like to replace a batch of 800 raw files with JPGs, as understanbly no one in our office understands that XMP data isn't going into the JPG preview and therefore they think some photos are washed out, too dark, too light, etc. The problem is these photos have been keyworded, rated, and linked to other items. Is there a way I can just replace them with JPGs considering Daminion does not adequately handle RAW files?



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Hello Daniel,

just to understand it. You want to remove/not to manage the RAW files in Daminion because of the preview and you want to substitute the RAW by JPG just to have a better preview of these items?

Where do you manage the RAW files if not in the Daminion catalog?

I guess you know how Daminion generates the preview of the RAW files.

My suggestion: Import the JPG additionally to the RAW file in the catalog. Now you should have file.RAW and file.JPG in the catalog. Group them with the JPG on top of the group. If you now call the preview you call the JPG file. Sure if you change anything in the RAW file, you have to create a new JPG and to update it in the catalog by "read tags from file".

Regards, Uwe

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