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Question to "Add compatibilty"


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I am working with Daminion 4.0.1268 and I have some questions to option "add compatibilty".


-> Edit -> Preferences -> Writing Metadata -> Add compatibility with Explorer....

is unchecked.

I created a new catalog and imported 2 JPG images for test.

Action "Show all metadata" displayed all metadata and both images had no IPTC and no XMP tag.

Then I assigned 1 keyword "keyword1" to 1 image and I wrote metadata into file. (Auto-Sync is off).


Now "Show all metadata" displayed

- xmp-tags Subject and Hierarchical Subject: both contained "keyword1"

- iptc-tag Keywords: it contained also "keyword1"


Because "add compatibility" is unchecked I had expected that no IPTC tags/group will be created at all.


What did I wrong? or what have I overseen or what do I misunderstand?

Thanks in advance


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I made a quick test and was slightly disappointed. With compatibility off, Daminion writes quite many tags to IPTC and EXIF. With compatibility on, it writes even more.


Personally, I would rather not have author, description and copyright tags in EXIF data, especially when using non-ascii characters (my language uses some). As far as I know, UTF-8 is not officially supported in EXIF and some programs might show the characters scrambled.

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When "Add compatibility" option is turned off Daminion writes tags only to XMP using Adobe XMP Toolkit library. However, this library can also updates some IPTC fields when saving/updating XMP. This is not bad as you think, because this allows to sync IPTC and XMP values, and EXIF/IPTC block size is tiny in comparison to an image size.


And anyway XMP info is prefered when reading most of the descriptions (unlike camera info tags).


BTW Author and Keywords are encoded in EXIF block as UTF8.

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