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Capture One 8 - Color Label


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I use Capture One 8 as my editor and have come across an issue with the color label compatibility with Capture One and Daminion.


The problem is that Daminion writes different xmp photoshop urgency fields than Capture one does, meaning that editing a color label in Daminion results in the incorrect or no color label in Capture One. Daminion does read the colors correctly though as it appears to read only <xmp:Label>Yellow</xmp:Label> which is good.


Capture One writes urgency 7 for yellow





Daminion writes urgency 3 for yellow





I checked all the urgency mappings between the two programs


Photoshop urgency xmp file created in capture one 8

none u0

red u1

orange u6

yellow u7

green u2

blue u3

pink u5 <----incorrectly set in capture one, maybe should be 4??

purple u5 <----same as pink???? bug in capture one 8??


Photoshop urgency xmp file created in daminion


1 red u1

2 yellow u3

3 green u4

4 blue u6

5 purple u7

6 orange u2

7 pink u9

8 brown u8

9 cyan u5

0 none


Maybe theres a good reason why Daminion uses different urgency mappings, but if capture one settings cant be set as default maybe a capture one toggle could be set to switch it to capture one urgency writing compatibility mode..

Can this be implemented?

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Hi Murat

Thanks for the quick reply and info.

Editable urgency mapping rules would certainly be a great edition to finally overcome the color label incompatibility. Daminion has superior DAM features and would be a major positive for capture one users.

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My language is French, sorry for my poor English...

I'm a new user of Daminion and I'm very enthusiast. I also use Capture One 9 for editing RAW files. Like dobs, I think it is a pity that the color labels are not compatible between the two softwares.

For example, Photo Mechanic (software used by a friend) allows the editing of the color of each label allowing complete compatibility.

In attachment, you'll find three screenshots. One from Capture One, the others from Photo Mechanic (original and after personalizing).


Possible to plan this little extra tool?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the quality of your software!




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