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Bug: Import freezes after multiple imports


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I started to import my photos into Daminion and I had run into a constant bug.


1) add a set of images

2) update the tags (e.g. I have added location information) of the added images

3) repeat 1 and 2 and after some import-edit cycles the import freezes (in my experience after few cycles and ~100 images)


The import indicator stops proceeding and when you try to cancel import, the confirmation dialogue disappears, but nothing happens. When after that you close Daminion from the right hand corner asks confirmation to close as the import is still ongoing. If I after that restart Daminion and retry to import images I get an error "The database file is locked database is locked". When I try to edit tags, it is v e r y s l o w. The only thing I have found that helps is either rebooting my computer or logging out.


In general the UI and functionality is intuitive and it is very easy to manage your image collection. I have lot's of old photos that don't have any tags. I have now started to classify and tag them, because it's so easy and fun :).


Best regards,


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I've checked the catalog file you sent me - it's OK. Could you please check a new build I've sent you to your email?


Another suggestion is to Pause the Syncing until you finish your tag assignment. And then start it again.


Our first approach was to have the permanent Tag -> Metadata synchronization. But this process might be time consuming for large number of files and when you assign tags one by one. So we'd added an option to pause the syncing process.


Another improvement that users requested many times and we plan to implement - switching this feature off.

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We'll release a new build soon. Probably the fix for your issue could be included into the next version.


To help us could you please:

- launch Daminion with log_enable parameter

"c:\program files\Daminion Software\Daminion\daminion" -log_enable

- then try to reproduce the issue (when the any actions including importing will be very slow

- then press F12 key, and send me the "1.0\logs" folder



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